4 thoughts on “Snotty Tissues and Closet Time Capsules

  1. Some people choose to have quilts made from the clothes their loved one left behind. I’ve got all my late father’s cowboy shirts and I plan to turn them into quilts for his grandkids. If you don’t quilt, your local quilt shop could help you get started, or find someone to do it for you.

  2. Robin – I think of you constantly. Even though we don’t know each other, I use you as my inspiration of how to get through each day. And by the way, Ben loved to shove snotty Kleenex into his pocket too, and I also love wearing his lululemon undies.

  3. I am ecstatic to find you back here and writing again! I found Mike’s blog in my husband’s last month of life and I found it so insightful and calming to read a man’s humorous perspective as my husband did not want to do a lot of talking about his terminal diagnosis. (I will always smile at his phrase “the cancerous among us …”)
    Your continuation of the blog from the wife’s perspective is just as helpful and needed, because other couples who have never been in this new land cannot relate to just how completely and permanently different my life now is. I am also finding that surviving spouses who have had some years since their loss also seem less appreciative of where I am still at emotionally (my husband died July 2015). You seem to hit the nail on the head every time for me.
    I did hear you on CBC radio and you were very articulate and listenable. I will be considering a gift of your book for my foodie friends for Xmas.
    And yes men’s underwear are wonderful!

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