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Mike O'Brien
Mike O’Brien

Mike O’Brien is a writer, actor, husband and dad. His “likes” include travel, scallops and old movies. His “dislikes” include sarcomas, nausea and low platelet counts.

His professional resume includes 15 years as a newspaper reporter in western Canada, 11 years working for CBC radio, primarily as a comedy writer, and the author of a book about prairie life (Calling the Prairies Home). As an actor, he appeared in multiple episodes of Corner Gas (as Wes Humboldt) and Less Than Kind (as Lorne Goldstein), as well as many movies that tend to go “straight to DVD.”

He lives in Winnipeg, Canada, with Robin, Will and Slim the dog. His mantra is “What would George Bailey do?”


Note: In March 2014, Mike O’Brien started this blog to document his life with cancer. In May 2015, Mike died. His wife Robin, also a writer, picked up where he left off. 


Robin Summerfield

Robin Summerfield is a journalist, author, picture taker and mom. Her “likes” include travel, free food and binge-watching television. Her “dislikes” include Stage 4 cancer, mean girls and black licorice.

Her professional resume includes: newspaper reporter and columnist for 10 years in western Canada; cookbook author (Winnipeg Cooks); and magazine editor (Ciao!). She is a freelance writer for many other publications. At CBC Radio Canada, Robin has been tapped as an online food writer, on-air columnist, and associate radio producer for the corporation.

She lives in Winnipeg, Canada, with her son. Her mantra is “What would Kim Kardashian do?”


Those interested in using blog photos for non-commercial purposes:
1) Thanks, that’s cool.
2) Please give photo credit to Mike O’Brien or Robin Summerfield, where applicable.

Robin can be contacted directly at: robin[dot]summerfield@yahoo[dot]ca

12 thoughts on “about us

  1. You are amazing – I admire your strength. Must add that you have a way of looking at things and writing in such a creative way! Respectfully, Alexandra S. P.s. sending you and your famiy a bucket of hope – and yes, I believe in hope.

    1. Alexandra, blogging is brand new to me and your words really mean something. Thank you, Mike.

  2. Your grace, intelligence and humour shine through, Mike. Thanks for sharing. Sending love and hugs your way.

  3. Nice going Mikey, glad to read your brain’s clear, though it has always seemed muddled with wonderful stuff to me!

  4. I love, love. love your blog, Mike. Thrilled about the clear scan just as Santa was prepping for his journey south. There has never been a better Christmas present. I think of you often since our email exchange and wish you, Robin, and your utterly adorable Will (and the never-seen dog) all of the best for 2015, 2016 and beyond. And, like others here, I absolutely believe in the power of hope and determination and love. And you, my friend, have all three. In spades. Thank you for sharing — and continuing to share — your story.

  5. Still hoping. Thinking about you each and every day. Lots of memories. Cancer so sucks and I am trying to live warmly each day. And trying to lose weight. Love you, Mike. Still hoping. Thinking of you using a towel at our place in Victoria to play about 10 different characters, just you and a towel. Funny funny stuff. Have recommendation letter your wrote me, or two, one comedy, one real. The comedy I kept because it’s the funniest three paragraphs I’ve ever read. Oh my God the trials and tribulations of you and L.L. trying to do it the first time!!! Hey, what a great student newspaper editor you were. Just telling Tracey that. And my God did we laugh in Regina, just forever laughing. Shit. Still hoping.

  6. Hey Mike, you and your family are in my thoughts every single day and I wish you the best. I enjoy your beautiful blog posts – always full of touching thoughts, life lessons and humour. Thanks for sharing and continue to take strength from everyone around you.

  7. Mike,

    I read about you on Canada.com today. I’ve been learning from cancer myself. I don’t refer to it as “my cancer” cause it’s not. It’s a parasite that needs to be removed. Cancer happens for many reasons; diet, negative and unproductive thoughts, suppressed emotions……it’s different for all of us.

    The one thing I know for sure, allopathic “medicine” can’t cure it, We have to cure it ourselves and nature always provides.

    You are a journalist, with a great deal of motivation to live. A guarantee of success. Research natural cancer cures. You will see that big pharma has been suppressing a variety of cancer cures for years.

    I would suggest starting with the Budwig Protocol (it worked for me in 6 months) and wheatgrass to build your strength (it’s indentical to our blood, with magnesium at it’s core instead of iron)

    You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and The Kinslow System by Frank Kinslow are both incredibly empowering. I believe they should come as operating manuals with every life 🙂

    The Hay House summit is on right now. The most powerful healers on the planet, all at the same place at the same time. https://www.hayhouseworldsummit.com/learn/

    Kris Carr has had liver cancer for 11 years and is still healthy, happy and learning from it….Check it out and see who resonates with you (it’s free)

    I wish you the very best

    Sending you and your family love


  8. RIP Mike. You will be missed.
    You are one of the good ones. You touched my heart and help me see the world in a new light. Thank you.

  9. Robin and Will – I feel for you so very much. You must have been hoping so much for a miracle. My husband died of non Hodgkin’s lymphoma almost exactly a year ago. He was 59. It isn’t fair. It sucks. It means we join a club we never wanted to be part of. I hope you have the support you need to get through.

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